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Hama Contact Print 8x10" For Film Proof Paper $35.00
Jobo 07083 White Tank Retaining Clip - New $10.00
Vintage Garron Darkroom Safelight $9.99
Jobo Comparator-2 A Color Density Meter $60.00
Dallan Developing Tank, Stainless Steel, With Tray And Working Clamps $35.00
Two Empty Kodak Jugs. $0.99
Minolta Color Enlarger Mod-iii 24x36 With Power Unit $99.99
Minolta C E Rokkor - X 50mm F 2.8 Enlarger Lens $29.99
Omega D Enlarger, Negative Carrier 6x6 2 1 4x 2 1 4 $31.56
Stainless Steel Film Developing Tank For Processing Two 35mm Rolls, Or One 120 $17.50
Agfa D Lab 2 Server Ip $200.00
Schneider Kreuznach Componon 135mm F 5.6 Enlarging Lens 5x6 1 2 Lens Board Inv16 $79.00
Thomas Scoponet 20 Power Precision Magnifier Enlarger , Darkroom $9.99
Agfa 3700 Vs Rapidoprint Unit With Gralab Timer $1650.00
Doran Premier Paper Safe 20x24 Photographic Paper Darkroom $45.00
Jobo 2502 Film Reel For 35 120 And 220 Roll Film $30.00
New Rare Polaroid Et Emulsion Transfer Kit Only @ Samys $16.00
Seal Dry Mount Press Model 210 $127.50
4 Stainless Steel 35mm Film Developing Reels & 1 Tank W Top, Cap & Hanger Rod $25.00
Gralab Darkroom Timer , Model 300 $19.99
Schneider Kreuznach Componon 135mm 5.6 Enlarging Lens Inv#19 $69.00
Minolta Negative Carrier 6x6 For Color Enlarger $7.99
Beslar 1:3.5 75mm Enalrger Lens On Platform W Cap In Box $33.00
Fujimoto 50mm E-lucky 3.5 Enlarging Lens W Case Inv#18 $15.99
Paterson System 4 35mm Developing Tank & Reel $25.00
Pero Cut Film Cutter Made In Switzerland-electrical With Instructions $3.25
Schneider Kreuznach Componar 1:4.5 50enalrger Lens On Platform W Cap $33.00
Agfa D Lab 2 Laser Recorder $425.00
Ilford 8x10 Multigrade Iv Fiber, Glossy, Black And White Photo Paper 25 Sheets $25.00
Unicolor Mornick Model Ii Solid State Color Analyzer $50.00
Kodak Darkroom Lamp Safe Light , Model A , 15 Watts 240 Volts $9.99
Ilford 11x14 Multigrade Iv Fiber, Glossy, Black And White Photo Paper 50 Sheets $80.00
Nikon 50mm 2.8 El-nikkor - Professional Enlarging Lens $35.00
Vintage Bakelitte Developing Tank 335 1 4.1c Russian $65.00
Seal Tacking Iron For Dry Mounting $25.00
Two New 35mm Stainless Steel Developing Reels $2.99

Website Where Found

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Thu Jul 24 2014

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