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Darkroom Equip, Supplies Chemistry

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Sodium Metabisulfite Fcc Grade 1 Lb. $4.99
Kodak Film Developer Replenisher D-76r $5.00
Leedal Replacement 30 Micron Element Filter Half Size Reusable - Model 4442-r 4 $13.95
Systems Cleaner With Neutralizer For Processors $29.00
Diafine 2 Bath B W Film Developer 1 Gallon Solution #dfd128 $38.47
Kodak Fixer, Filter Funnel, Pitcher, Measuring Cup $2.50
Uniprint Kit To Make 4 Liters Of Ra Chemistry $30.00
Arkay Stainless Steel Photography Developing Developer Film Tank $66.36
Kodak Flexicolor Sm (c-41sm) Processing Unit F2 For Color Negative Film $29.99
Protect Your Clothes While Developing In The Darkroom $19.99
Sprint Quicksilver Black White Print Paper Developer, 1 Liter #pr001-r $13.66
Crocein Scarlet Dye - 1 Ounce For Photo Retouching $24.99
Adorama Indicator Stop Bath, B W Film Paper, 8 Gallon #101585 $4.99
Methyl Paraben, Methylparaben Preservative 5 Lb $58.95
Kodak 8648834 Polymax T Paper Developer, Black White $34.95
5 Pounds Pictol (kodak Metol) $14.95
Beseler 2-step Processing Kit-make Color Prints From Negatives-6 Boxes $4.99
Heico Nh-5 Hardener For B W Film And Paper Fixers, 12oz #chnh5h5q $9.95
Sodium Bisulfate Anhydrous 98% 1 Lb. $4.99
Methyl Paraben Methylparaben 8 Oz Usp Grade $10.95
Heico Perma Wash (liquid) For Black & White Film & Paper - 1 Quart $15.99
Kodak Tmax Developer Replenisher For B&w Film $5.95
Methyl Paraben, Methylparaben 1 Lb Usp Grade $21.95
Ilford Hypam, Non-hardening Rapid Fixer For Film Paper #1758285 $25.99
Sprint Record Speed And Basic Fixer For B W Processes #fx001-r $11.64
Kodak Technidol Liquid Developer – 1 Box With 6 Sealed Unopened Packets $41.00
Hypo Clearing Agent $5.00
1 Lb Oxalic Acid Photography Photo Reducing Agent $4.99
Kodak B&w Fixer $5.00
1 Pk Of Kodak Dektol Black White Paper Developer $7.99
Gp Processor Cleaner, Powder Cleaner Case Of 4 - 16 Oz $37.00
Sprint Record Speed, Basic Fixer For B W Processes 4ltr #fx004-r $35.18
Photographer's Formulary Neofin Blue Film Developer 12l #010060 $8.95
Kodak Microdol-x Black And White Film Developer $13.75

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Sat Dec 20 2014

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