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Sealector Ii Tacking Iron $59.00
Aereon Cyber-flow Film Cleaner Model Cf083000-2a A.s. $199.99
54 Rotatrim Doublerail Paper Trimmer Cutter Free Ship $619.00
Red-eye Remover For Pets $1.91
Noritsu Qss 2901 Ra Digital Minilab $19000.00
Noritsu Kodak Led 20p Fuji Digital Printer Up To 20 X 32 With Processor $9999.00
Kodak Thermomount Iron $10.00
Marshall's Photo Coloring Pencils New Deluxe Set $8.50
Noritsu Lp24 Laser Unit $8000.00
Sealector Tacking Iron -good Working Condition Green $69.99
Rotatrim Slimtrim Paper Trimmer - Space Saver - Self Sharpening - High Quality $69.95
Old Soviet Duplicators For Making Filmstrips 1959 Rare $49.99
Seal Jumbo 150 Dry Mounting & Laminating Transfer Press Prints Mount $365.00
Oriental Motor 2rk6gk-aul Reversible Motor 30min Impedance Protected $21.95
2 Up Lens For Noritsu Qss-2611 $50.00
Vivitar Instant Slide Printer - 35mm Slides To Polaroid Film - Great Condition $89.95
New Replacement Blade Guillotine Stack Paper Cutter L $39.99
Saunders 30.5" X 12" "lighted" "lit" Rotatrim Trimmer Platform New Old Stock $149.95
48 Double Weight 51pt Pressure Sensitive 8x10 Mounting Boards. $9.99
Glass Graduate 100ml $14.92
Brand New Rotatrim M12 Double Rail Paper Trimmer Cutter $229.00
Vintage Heatrite Print Dryer Model No.pd-2 $9.99
Used Ilford Ilfochrome 6x6 Filters In Good Condition $8.00
Noritsu Qss37 Series Laser Unit $6800.00
Dry Mount Press By Technal $25.00
Noritsu A032741-01 Bushing, Pack X 5 Bushings $18.00
Spotpen Black White Print Retouching Set Of 10 Pens $25.00
Konica Qs-2800 Quickscan 35 Plus 35mm Film Scanner $249.99
Antique Photography Camera Film Photo Editing Willo Variable Vignetter Darkroom $5.99
Kodak Professional 8800 Digital Photo Printer $900.00
Pro Enlarging Easel 'master' By Pelling Cross 12x16" $50.00
Seal Compress 110s 12" X 15" Dry Mount Press Exc $41.00
Noritsu 2901 Medium Format 120 220 Negative Carrier $30.00
Pero Cut Film Cutter Made In Switzerland-electrical With Instructions $7.50
Vintage Kodak No 2 Trimming Board 7" - New In Original Box - Darkroom Equipment $31.00
Jobo Cp2 With Lift, Film And Print Processor $127.50
16oz 500cc Fancy Glass Graduate $14.92
Byers Plastimounter 3000 Flexi Digi-printer Ii 2 $248.39
Vintage Printz Double Sided Electric Photographic Print Dryer - Japan $8.99
Labokey 7200 Aps Reshapers $14.88
1000ml Glass Graduate $14.92
Rollcut 310m Manual Photographic Paper Cutter Fotoba International $19.99
New Logan Precision Sander Elite F200-2 Picture Framing $149.95
Arkay Cd-80 Film Drying Cabinet For Color & B&w Film $99.00

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Thu Oct 23 2014

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