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Premier Super-pro Ferrotype Plate Chrome On Stainless Steel 10"x14" Nip $8.98
Darkroom Camera Film Load Changing Bag 50 X 50cm New $18.69
Quartz Halogen Enlarger Light Bulb Lamp 150w 120v By Minolta New $17.95
Falcon Print Drying Rack And Unicolor 8x10 Easel $25.00
Darkroom Chemistry Storage Tank W Floating Lid - 5 Gal. Size $15.00
Vipo Combi Meopta Enlarger Timer New In Box Type B6 Nr $89.00
Set Of 3 Nikor Developer Tanks $40.00
Paterson 32 Oz Beaker (1 Liter) #ptp309 $9.95
Schneider M25 Retaining Ring - F Enlarging Lensboard $9.98
Macbeth Rd-914 Color Reflection Densitometer $149.99
Vacuum Press Table $395.00
Staticmaster Brush Model 3t125 3" Wide Case, Needs Reactivation, Darkrooms $4.00
Set Of Color Negative Retouching Dyes With Instructions- New In Box $9.95
Polaroid Mp4 Copy Bellows Hood Etc. Darkroom $60.00
Kodak Polycontrast Filter Kit Model A For B&w Papers, Darkroom Photography $8.00
Kindermann Large Developer Tank $49.25
Vintage Ansco Deluxe Developing "outfit" Kit In Original Box $29.99
Photography Enlarger, Color Beser Originally $3000.00 New $85.00
Some Sort Of Home Made Darkroom Device Perhaps $14.99
Digital Thermometer $9.97
Saunders Lpl 45 Black & White Diffusion Module $99.99
Polaroid Autoprocessor $7.50
New Box Of Pakon 36ct Slide Boxes 200 Ct $19.95
X-rite 400 Black White Reflection Densitometer $99.99
X Rite 400 Black & White Reflection Densitometer B W W Xrite Power Plug Adapter $169.95
Scopnet 20x Grain Focuser $49.00
39mm Thin Washer - Reduces Wear - Enlarger Lens Jam Nut Accessory - Used D7ap $5.49
X2 Nos Polaroid 667 Instant Pack Film Black White B & W Hig Speed 2pks 16 Prints $44.99
Large Photographic Changing Bag $14.90
Xrite 880 $35.00
Samigon Bamboo Print Tongs For Photo Developing $6.99
Hall Productions Table Top Light Box Bl1218 $199.00
Vintage Durst Analite Enlarging Exposure Computer Wbox $24.99
Film Changing Bag $20.00
Red Safety Focus Filter & Holder 5.25" Long 2.5" Wide 50mm Diameter Used D11 H5 $11.49
8x Loupe - Professional Style $7.14
Peak Enlarging Focuser Ii Prof. Z. Koana System (omega) $12.99
Ilford Multi Grade Filter Set, 3x3, 12 Filters, 5 To 00. $0.99
Carson Hu-55 Bugloupe 5x Stand Magnifier Outdoor Green $9.99
Kodak Kodabrome Ii 24" X 100' Roll Photo Paper N1 Exp Z $89.99
Epson Picture Mate Print Pack & Premium Photo Paper, 100 Sheets Glossy. $25.00
Kodak Polycontrast Filter Kit $6.95
Omega 3.5" D5 Twist Lens Mount 39mm Hole Flat 421-056 Also 50mm Lens & Slide Mt $6.99
Beseler 4" Lens Board 25mm Recessed Hole & Pilot W Nikon F Mount Adapt - Used Ba $27.95
Omega Ca Light Multiplier 429-188 Exposure Meter $3.95
Leitz Asa Film Speed Controller For Parts $15.00
New Omega D 6 1 2inch Condensor, 472-106 $60.00
Loupe Magnifier Pentacon Adjustable Photo Photography $35.00
Weston Analog, Large Dial Faced Stem Thermometer #ws4135 $39.95
Bestwell Magnasight Box Grain Focusing Scope Film Enlarger Magna Sight 35mm 120 $9.99
Beseler Enlarger Lensboard & Wollensak 50mm F4.5 Lens $50.00
Eseco Speedmatic Portable Dark Room Fs14829 $9.99

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Sat Oct 25 2014

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