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Darkroom Equip, Supplies Other Darkroom Equipment

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Watson Model 100 35mm Bulk Film Loader Very Nice Condition $9.99
Iston 35mm Loupe : Apo4x Lupe W Box $50.00
Fast Vacuum Pump For Vacuum Easels $29.00
Voss Enlarger Focus Aid $10.00
Leedal Wcp 15 Temperature Mixing Panel $10.50
Delta Spill Proof Filter Funnel $7.95
Boes Film Winder..deluxe Model A.. Never Used... Great Condition.. Spotless $9.99
New Beseler 110 Film Carrier For 45 Enlargers, Cheap $25.00
Bessler Digi-timer Digital Darkroom Timer $49.99
Vintage - Weston Mitchell Fotoval Computer Model 747 $9.95
10x Magnifier Loupe Stamp Coin Photo Magnifying Lens $9.99
Bottles(8) For Photographic Chemicals Including One Measuring Cup $5.95
Byers Industries Inc. Lab Systems 355a Duplicator $49.99
Bausch & Lomb Enlarging Focusing Magnifier - Vintage But Still Fine $22.00
Just Normlicht Color-control Professional 10”x8” Transparency Viewer $44.95
Vintage Rapidry & Chromium Triple Plated Ferrotype Plate 15-1 2" X 9" $49.99
Film Changing Darkroom Bag Dark Room Load 23.6 X 21.6" $18.99
Peak Enlarging Focuser Focus Scope Model I $100.00
Jobo Cpe-2 Instruction Manual $2.00
Antique Darkroom Kerosene Lantern Premier Combination Lamp No 1 $42.99
Salthill Catalog 1990 $2.00
Omega Light Multiplier Cat. 429-188 Dark Room Equipment $7.00
Watson Film Winder $2.99
Enlarger Tape Recorder Foot Control, Model Ft-3 Concord $19.99

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Thu Apr 17 2014

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