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Film Cameras

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Olympus Stylus Zoom "" 70 "" 35mm Flash Camera - Very Nice Camera $19.95
Vintage Zorki-c. Russian Leica Camera. #56069172 $49.00
Minolta "" 110 Zoom Slr "" 110mm Zoom Camera & Case - Very Nice $39.95
Diy 35mm Film Lomo Twin Lens Reflex (tlr) Camera Set For Kid $10.99
Olympus-pen S 35mmhalf-frame Camera 1 2 Frame 35mm Camera W Original Leathe Case $15.00
Leica O Serio Replica W Case $1854.99
Canon Ft Ql.w 50mm 1.4 Ssc, Booster.first Ttl Canon Cam $299.00
Olympus Superzoom "" 3000 - Dlx "" 35mm Flash Camera & Case - Nice $29.95
Mamiya Rb Rb67 Professional Medium Format Camera Body 100% Working Serial#c82407 $107.99
Rare Russian Mvd Police Camera Dk Chaika Lens Industar $800.00
Pentax Sf-10 Auto Focus 35mm Film Slr Camera Sf10 $20.00
Minolta 5000 Autofocus Slr In Extremely Good Condition $214.28
Diy 35mm Film Lomo Twin Lens Reflex (tlr) Camera Set For Kid $0.92
Fed 5 Soviet Camera Leica Copy Lens Industar - 61 L D Case $29.99
Russian Leica Camera Fed 1 1f Lens Industar-10 3,5 50 $129.00
Mamiya Rb 67 Pro S 'luxus' 3,8 90mm Waist Lev $1322.00
Panorama Flash "" Panorama" 35mm Panorama Flash Camera & Case $9.95
Ica Minimum Palmos.zeiss Tessar 150m 4.5.rare. W Extras $349.00
Polaroid Cool Cam Instant Film Camera $42.00
Pentax P3 Manual Focus 35mm Film Slr Camera $20.00
Canon Sure Shot "" 105mm "" 35mm Flash Camera & Case Very Nice $14.95
@ex @ Nikon F3 35mm Slr Film Camera W Md-4 Motor Drive #006147 $450.00
Ricoh Singlex Tls 35 Mm Camera With 55 Mm Lens Filter $69.99
Minolta "" Victis 40 "" Advantix Panorama Flash Camera - Really Nice $39.95
Black Diy 35mm Film Twin Lens Reflex Plactic Toy Lomo Tlr Camera Set Film $12.29
Nikon F2s Black Dp-2 Photomic Finder 55mm F 1.2 Ai $928.00
Pentax Asahi Kx 35mm Slr Film Camera Plans Gift $1.99
Minolta Freedom "" Zoom 90 C "" 35mm Flash Camera $14.95
Leica R R4s Mod.2 Slr.#1687614.freewshipp.minty   1277 $499.00
Polaroid Onestep Express Instant Film Camera With Soft Case $25.95
Topcon Uv Topcor 1 : 4 F 135 Mm , In Excellent Condition $9.90
Luigi's Half Case For Minolta Cle,the Leica M7 Ancestor $210.00
Topcon Re, Auto -topcor 1 : 3.5 F 2.5 Cm, With Orig. Leather Case And Filters $107.50
Tropical Field Camera '1890' 10x15cm E.suter 175mm Lens $549.00
Luigi Built-in-grip Half Case For Rf Canon P,leica Copy $230.00
Mamiya -6 Medium Format Film Camera Spring-kamera 6x6,6x4.5 $120.00
Pentax "" Iq Zoom - 928 "" 35mm Flash Camera With Panorama - Nice $19.95
Leica R Leicaflex Sl $899.00
Konica Fs-1 In Extremely Good Condition $149.00
Lomo Lc-a 35mm Point And Shoot Film Camera English Logo Excellent $100.00
Pentax Pz-10 Auto Focus 35mm Film Slr Camera $22.00
Minolta Af 100mm F 2.8 Macro Lens Mint $699.95
Leica R Leicaflex Sl Ww Shipp.exc Minty. $429.00
Hasselblad 501c Camera Body Waist Level Finder Exc $799.99
Vintage Yashica G Electro 35, 35mm Rangefinder Film Camera W 1:1.7 45mm Lens $35.00
Leica M4-p 50 Jahre Rangefinder Camera - Black Mint $5470.00
Leica R4 Body $160.00

Website Where Found

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Sat Dec 20 2014

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